The Door of Everything

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The Door of Everything

By Ruby Nelson

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Another small book of 180 pages of love wisdom for everyone wanting to move onward and forward on the pathway towards ascension. Contains two sections. The first section is about "The Vision" and the second is about "Living Upward". Everyone is wanting to be given a "recipe" on how to find their way to the inner kingdom and since everyone's pathway is so unique, there cannot be a given pathway that will work the same for everyone. But this little book, along with the "Sons of God", are two little books that are as close to a recipe that will work for everyone as you could find it.


The authors of these two little books, although they did not know each other during their life time, have already made physical ascensions in a time when no one else did it, simply by following the guidance they are giving us in their little book. It will lead you to the door within the self where your divine essence will invite you in with these wondrous words: "Come my beloved. Step in and meet me just inside the Door of Everything, in my timeless Realm of Being, where all the perfect qualities of your Grand Cosmic Self will intersect and blend into one precious jewel, the precious jewel of Love."


180 pages - small book


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