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Mount Shasta Light (MSL) Publishing is dedicated to publishing the Telos material channeled by Aurelia Louise Jones. The messages within are filled with nuggets of wisdom that support one on their journey back to the source of who they are, finding their own truth and living life as a genuine human being while sharing this beautiful planet with all in Peace, Harmony and Love.

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Adama, The High Priest 

Adama is the High Priest —the spiritual leader in the sacred Lemurian city of Light called Telos beneath Mount Shasta, CA. He is the head of the Lemurian Council of Light in Telos. Adama is a Blue Ray Ascended Master of universal level, a master of Love and Compassion, assisting humanity and the planet with the ascension project. Adama embodies the “Heart of Lemuria” which is nothing less than the heart of love and compassion and the heart of the Divine Mother, the return of the Christ consciousness on this planet with all its wondrous magnificence.

Our connection is truly one of a kind

Aurelia was an adept and clear channel. Here, you can find some of Aurelia’s channelings which cover a range of topics from how to raise one’s consciousness to the fountain of youth and immortality. You will also find channeled messages from Master El Morya, Master Zohar and more!


We hope you enjoy the wealth of Aurelia’s channeled messages. One benefits greatly from re-reading these channeled messages whenever they are called!

I cannot put this book down. I am reading it, using the prayers & invocations, and working with the teachings every day. I cannot say enough good about this book. Thank you Ascended Masters, Adama and Aurelia for bringing this book forth. 


Every time I read a section in this book, even if I have read it many times before, something new clicks in. The wisdom in this book is so profound, so deep, and so helpful. It is deeply comforting and gives guidance on the spiritual journey which I have never found anywhere else. 


Having read the entire Telos series six years ago, I am amazed as to how relevant the material remains. Although I did thoroughly read and enjoy Telos Vol. 1 it is as if I am reading it for the first time. There is a depth to the information that went undetected previously. It feels fresh and like an open invitation to enjoy the beautiful Lemuria energy. 


The Seven Sacred Flames book is one of the most pristine compilations of mastery literature and guidance available. It is one of my most treasured possessions.