Celebrating Aurelia and YOU!

Each and Everyone of You ~




 Rediscover the joy and the bliss
 of living your own lives again 
according to your own unique pathway, 
totally connected with 
this Divine Essence that beats your heart....Adama


 Dear Friends of the Lemurian Heart...

This July, 2019 marks the 10th year since the passing of Aurelia Louise Jones, channel and author of The Telos Book Series and the beautiful resource The Seven Sacred Flames, along with it's companion booklets, Prayers to the Seven Sacred Flames and The Ascension Flame of Purification and Immortality Many of you  also enjoy Angelo's Message and the "Drug Booklet".

Aurelia’s mission to share the messages from Telos and the Ascended Masters has opened the hearts of many over the years. Heart opening awareness, becoming more conscious in our daily lives, was and still is the purpose behind The Telos Book Series and The Seven Sacred Flames. Learning about Lemurian protocols and being given a mere glimpse of another way of life in another dimension shows us what is possible…not for our future, but for our Todays. Is it possible that this is what Ascension is…Truly Living the continuing evolution of our transformation?

Envisioning and embracing these principles gives us a clearer picture of who we are as we live consciously with compassion and open-heartedness in the world. We all have had some Aha! moment while reading the books or an inspirational card from the card decks. The key is to LIVE these transformational tools each day with focus and intention. All the messages and teachings encourage us to live the protocols of the fifth dimension NOW, not waiting for ascension to come at some point in the future.. It’s all right here right now… We have been given such an incredible opportunity to experience the opening of our hearts in the-every-now moments. We are the transformation we are seeking. We need not look further than our very own Self.

Celebrating YOU~

Because of each one of you, from all parts of the globe, the messages from Adama and the Ascended Masters continue to spread, inspire and open hearts to the beauty of who we are. The teachings open doorways and pathways to higher conscious awareness within, reminding us how to live as genuine human beings on this planet, and offering us incredible support and guidance as we learn to acknowledge our own voice of Truth, that leads us back to ourselves. Living in full transparency as an authentic Human Being is not only possible, it is who and what we are!

In a multitude of ways, these inspiring messages  encourage us to Trust and Love ourselves unconditionally, without judgement, without prejudice, without attachment to old beliefs about ourselves. We can begin to embrace each new day, each new moment with renewed enthusiasm for the great Life and our participation in the Process.

Thank you to all of you who have sent your blessings of gratitude in celebration of Aurelia's books and her mission, as well as the wonderful Initiatic Journeys she created in Mount Shasta. Her teachings are tools for transformation and have assisted all of us in our journey back to ourselves, feeling the love and support from Adama and the Ascended Masters and Telos. 

Thank you for your continued support and sharing your beautiful hearts, your infinite Light.

Gratitude and Eternal Blessings,



 Note: I came into Aurelia’s life in 2006, near the end of her journey (2009). I met Aurelia over the phone in February 2006 when I called to order Telos, Vol. 3. We talked a very long time and during the conversation she shared that she needed help. I heard 3 times the words “I can help her”…But I balked at the thought since I lived on the other side of the US, had a business, a home and my cats. There was no way that could happen, or so I thought…I took one of Aurelia's Initiatic Journeys, rented a house while I was there and had to go home to sell my home!... 9 months later I was catapulted to Mount Shasta... Amazingly I was in Mount Shasta and working for Aurelia, helping her in her office, shipping orders and helping her with The Seven Sacred Flames and the Card decks projects. Then at one point I knew it was time to stop working for her. It became clear why a couple months later when her health began to fail. I was free to take care of her during those next months. Aurelia had a lot of support and care with Angels at every turn.

We both realized since I knew basically MSLPublishing’s dynamics, that I could continue printing and distributing her books. It has been my pleasure to do so and it is hard to believe that was 10 years ago. For many years I continued to offer the Initiatic Journeys and a Seven Sacred Flames Journey as well, and many of you came to experience those journeys in Mount Shasta. 

One of the most important realizations came to me after Aurelia passed. When I heard those words "I can help her"..I thought it was about helping her in her office and with her books.  But ultimately it was about helping her through her transition, which was and is very humbling. It was an honor to be there for her. 






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Victoria Lee