Published 2007


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2019 marks the 12th year anniversary of The Seven Sacred Flames, published by Aurelia Louise Jones in July of 2007. This beautiful hardbound book with gold leaf edging has opened and expanded hearts all around the globe. The mindful  messages brought forth from Adama and the Ascended Masters are deeply moving, compelling and inspiring. Aurelia's contribution to the awakening of humanity continues these many years since her passing. Her amazing TELOS Books, VOL. 1, 2 and 3, are also uplifting our consciousness, introducing The Lemurian messages from TELOS which have inspired us to awaken and embrace our own divinity, find our voice of Truth and recognize that living in full transparency as an authentic Human Being is not only possible, it is who and what we are!

It’s amazing to grasp at times that it has been ten years since Aurelia’s passing. During this time, so many have continued to feel a connection with the messages from Adama and the Masters in The Telos Book Series and The Seven Sacred Flames. The energies emanating from the books have an organic flow that touches people’s hearts, opening each one to a path, a possibility, for more self-discovery on their journey, while at the same time learning about an ancient civilization that has an impact on us today. The teachings are about Heart~One~Heart, Compassion and Self-Love most of all. So, we offer continued Gratitude for the opportunity to look deeper into “the Heart within” and genuinely strive to live a full life in Harmony with ALL THAT IS on this abundant, benevolent planet, Mother Earth.


In Deep Gratitude to Aurelia for the heart opening legacy that remains with us.

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PLEASE NOTE: For those who are interested in reading more about Telos, Dianne Robbins, author of Telosis the reason we first heard of Telos and the messages from Adama. Aurelia published Dianne’s first book and they planned to work together. When they no longer chose to work together and parted ways, Aurelia's channelings were removed from the book and Aurelia then began to self-publish her work under Mount Shasta Light Publishing. Both of these channels have opened the door for so many around the world. Their teachings are about Oneness and Living Life with higher principles, embracing all Life. May we let go of the 3rd Dimensional judgments and criticisms of the past and step into the NOW, letting go of old ego patterns that prevent us from moving forward and fully living the Present; the gift of Life itself. There is room for everyone. The more supportive we are, the more Life opens up to us and we naturally stay in the flow...LET'S GO WITH THE FLOW! It's time...